How do I become smarter?

Until your twentieth your cortex grows, making your cognitive abilities grow stronger and stronger. But from this time on, it only decreases. Or so it would be. However, it is not impossible to broaden and increase your general knowledge. For example, you can watch television or go puzzling. You could also consume more fish oil or drink water. Here are all kinds of ways to become smarter and broaden your knowledge.

What is intelligence?
When we talk about intelligence, we are talking about the mental trait that is about cognitive performance. For example, someone who is intelligent is good at planning, reasoning, orienting in a room, problem solving, abstract thinking, understanding ideas, opinions and languages, storing information and retrieving information. Someone can also be gifted .

Play computer games
Video games such as Brain Training on the Nintendo DS can help train memory and enhance certain cognitive skills, such as puzzles, puzzle solving and mathematical maths. But also a game like Grand Theft Auto can make smarter. This is for the same reason as the TV series mentioned above. GTA also contains many plots and subplots with in-depth subjects. It is of course obvious how the game is played.

To drink water
Drinking water is good for almost everything, as long as you do not do too much. But since when is too much of something good? In any case, it has also been shown that drinking water not only keeps the body in balance, but also ensures that the brain remains active and effective at work. This is because sufficient oxygen then enters the brain.

Sleep well
When you have slept very little, you feel listless and energy-free. This also has its effects on the brain and to what extent you are able to perform during the day. A good night's sleep , of about seven to eight hours a night, ensures that the brain continues to function properly. During sleep, the memory is strengthened (think of the dreams that are processed at night) and this ensures a better memory during the day. In addition, sufficient sleep is good to concentrate better on incoming information during the day.

Listen to music
It was thought a while ago that listening to Mozart's music by newborn babies would result in smart children (the Mozart Effect ). Although this is not true, there is a link between listening to music and performance of memory and mathematical skills. By listening to music you would be more relaxed and thus perform better, as well as being better focused.

Learning a second language
A second, or even a third, language causes the neurons (nerve cells) in our brain to make more mutual connections. Not only do children develop new pathways in the brain, but also in later life it is possible to make new connections. This can be done, for example, by learning a new language. The same thing works when learning chess. A second incident is that it is a perfect way to work in a solution-oriented way and to improve problem solving.

Continue practicing and puzzling
Who wants to raise his general knowledge is well advised to do puzzles. Learning new words, making new associations. But also the memory is also strengthened. Crosswood puzzles would partially stop dementia, if it is carried out on a regular basis. It also helps to do regular exercises, such as with the "n-back" task. A row of letters is shown with this task. The person carrying out the task must indicate when the letter is shown that was also shown n steps. For example, with N = 2:


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